ASA # 3380223



AAA# 19505132

SHE Sells October 26th at Whelan Farms
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ZWT Blackcap 0144

Duff Encore 702 x O C C Lady Blackcap 753L

AAA # 16971431

HSAF Donna 1335

6I6 X AAR Really Windy 451

1335 has worked her way up to be one of the leading donors at Poe Farms. Not only has she made great set of herd sires but wow what a set of females we have out of her! 1335 is a cow who's offspring will work in the show ring as well as be stand outs in the front pasture. Embryos available by SAV Heston.

ZWT Dixie Erica 0229

Duff Stimulus X Rito9FB3 of 5H11 Fullback

Our member of the famed Dixie Erica line combines beautiful phenotype with the performance genetics required in the modern beef industry. Her sire is extreme when it comes to volume, substance and fleshing ability. Her dam is a full sib to OCC Doctor, a bull known for his ability to sire style, muscle and volume with exceptable birth weights. 0229 is exactly what you would expect from this genetic combination. Calves available by Winchester 975. Inquire about genetic opportunities. Owned with Upchurch Angus, Lineville, AL


Champion Hill Blacklass 4750

Traveler 8180 004 X Bando 5175

"Champion Hill" is synonymous with quality and this Maternal Matron is no exception . 4750 is a model Angus cow possessing all that is needed to produce champion females as well as high performing herd sires. Angus embryos available sired by PVF Insight, SAV Hesston and Saugahatchee. Simmental embryos by Upgrade are also available as well as flush opportunities to your choice of sires.

PF Miss 6807 8822

Traveler 6807 X GDAR Rainmaker

This daughter of breed legend 6807 is backed by generations of cows that have produced front pasture females and bulls that have been a positive influence on the breed. This young female will have a positive influence on our program and she can influence yours as well. Embryos by SAV First Class and MF Net Return. Inquire about opportunities to flush this Maternal Matron.

UB Everelda Entense 38

Emblazon X Traveler 9929

This female is a unique blending of proven Pathfinder genetics of Emblazon with the Everelda Entense family. Her maternal granddam is the $90,000 Everelda Entense 76D cow who is a full sib to the $380,000 Everelda Entense 57D. Angus sired embryos by EXT and MF Net Return. Ask about flush opportunities. Owned with Upchurch Angus, Linneville, AL

SS Goldilocks N028

Goldmine X Black Perfector

Goldilocks is a big part of the Simmental program here at Poe Farms. Big middled, thick ended with lots of bone and a big foot, this cow has the ability to produce high quality Simmental cattle for all segments of the industry. Embryos available by a variety of sires. Ask about opportunities for her to influence your herd.